SKIERS CHOICE MANUFACTURER OF SUPRA & MOOMBA BOATS AND LIQUID FORCE, manufacturer of Liquid Force Wakeboards, announced a long term strategic partnership to benefit both companies by promoting and selling their respective products and increasing the value of their respective brands. The agreement consists of multiple components to include the production of a special edition series available on Surpa and Moomba boats that will pay tribute to Liquid Force, the leader in wakeboarding. In addition, Supra will now be the official towboat of the acclaimed BROStock event series and select stops from the Maven Series.

“With this partnership we are bringing Liquid Force’s wakeboard industry leadership together with our boating industry expertise to offer customers a world-class watersports experience,” said Rick Tinker, President of Skiers Choice, Inc. “This is where the lifestyle, the sport and the products our customers use to live it, work simultaneously to bring them the best there is available.”

TonyFinn, Founder of Liquid Force and Rick Tinker, President of Skiers Choice, Inc.

Supra, Moomba and Liquid Force will begin to roll out initiatives from the agreement fairly quickly. Research and Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Art and Marketing departments of the two companies’ have been working diligently to implement the details. Look for more information to be revealed in the weeks to come.

Tony Finn, Founder of Liquid Force, Scot Leverett Art Director for Liquid Force, Matt Gleason, Director of Marketing for Liquid Force and Matt Brown Product Development Manager for Skiers Choice, Inc collaborate.

Tony Finn, Founder of Liquid Force said, “I am extremely impressed with the quality and commitment to wakeboarding that Skiers Choice has shown. I’m super fired up about the collaborative boats that we are releasing. They are both pretty fricken sick!! We couldn't be happier to team up with not only such a great company, but with such a great group of people as well. Skiers Choice and Liquid Force plan on introducing a lot of new, cool, innovative products into the wakeboard market moving forward, so hang on!!”

Tony Finn checks out the wake of a Supra.

I love this wake! It's huge, but not too steep, easy. to get air on and the landings are smooth," explained Tony Finn, Founder of Liquid Force and the Godfather of Wakeboarding.

"The Studs of Liquid Force" take a factory tour at Skiers Choice, Inc.
Tony Finn, Founder, Scot Leverett, Art Director
and Matt Gleason, Director of Marketing.

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these manufacturers are the best! waiting for more updates about this.

Wow that surf wake is really good. We did a lot to our 11' lsv to make it similar. Im totally surprised by that.

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