2011 Supra Sunsport 22 V

The Supra Sunsport 22 V is Supra Boats‘ unrivaled wakeboard boat. All the agility of a smaller boat with all the weight and solid of feel of a Supra Launch 242. The maneuverability of the Sunsport 22 V at both high and low speeds is the perfect complement to the clean, full-bodied, tournament-quality wakes it kicks out. The Supra Sunsport 22 V is the boat of choice for pro events and is one of the official Supra towboats used to pull the WWA Wakeboard World Championships.

The soft transitions and sweet ramp shape of these wakes make them a favorite with riders from the Joes to the Pros. A true rider-friendly wakeboard boat, the Supra Sunsport 22 V comes with seating that is as unique as a Supra. To start, the Sunsport 22 V seating is built for comfort, with its industry-exclusive Syntec vinyl with stain-resistant Nano technology and dual-density foam that adds that plush feel to all horizontal seating areas. Of course you know it’s reliable, thanks to Supra Boats’ exclusive use of Gore Tenara thread in all its stitching, which provides seams that will not come apart! And, it is also built to be versatile. Supra’s convertible Double-Up and Triple-Up seating provides rear-facing setups that gives up to six spectators a perfect view of the rider’s high-flying action.

To complete your rider-friendly design the Supra Sunsport 22 V is also available in a Launch edition that features a playpen bow layout, or a Sunsport edition that creates a traditional walk-through bow setup. Making choices in life can be difficult. But, choosing the versatile Sunsport 22 V isn’t one of them! Take a test drive and see why!

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