Wake-Saver Turns Wake-Engager with Surprise Marriage Proposal

Supra Boats @SupraBoats is a personal endeavor for the team of people who design and build these refined water sports machines. Their continual drive for improvement is fueled by the amazingly personal experience that Supra boat owners share with the product and the company. The priceless customer investments of family, time and lifestyle inspire Team Supra to make the boats beyond better.

As a luxury performance water sports boat manufacturer we have the rare privilege of being a part of defining moments in the lives of our boat owners. The extreme passion for boating and water sports Supra enthusiasts share tends to touch other meaningful parts of their lives. There's no better example of this honor than the video we came across last week posted by our Facebook friend and 2011 Supra Launch 21v owner, Kyle Austin.

While pulling off Earth-Qwake, a fundraising wake contest and pro exhibition pulled by Supra to raise money for earth quake damage in Louisa County, VA and surrounding areas, Kyle proposed to his girlfriend Laura Hayden. Judging by the video the day held a lot of emotion for Kyle.  Through his foundation Wake-Savers and together with a long list of sponsors Kyle raised $3321.00 to help rebuild his community. Then after a day of riding, fun and fundraising, Kyle proposed in front of the crowd with a Supra boat from the local Supra dealer, The Boat Shop, in the background. And Laura said, "Yes!"

To make this day even more meaningful, Kyle landed his first ride-away Air Raley behind his 21v. The big moments just keep coming! We were excited to be a part of that one too. Way to go, Kyle!

We are extremely happy for Kyle and Laura and wish them all the best in their new life together. Thank you for sharing this amazing moment with Supra Boats, Kyle. We are honored to be a part of your life.
WAKE-SAVERS foundation was designed to bring help to communities in need. By hosting different wakeboarding and wakeskating events, we can enjoy family fun, contest and railjams while helping raise money for our communities. The foundation is be accepting donations. If you would like to contribute, please make checks out to Wake Savers and send it to 8410 Donovan Ct #604 , Richmond, VA 23228.
To learn more about the Wake-Savers Foundation visit their Fan Page on Facebook.

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Awsome... 21v ...cant get any better than that in my book, huge wake..plenty o fun

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