Supra Boats 2013 Model Preview

We do not measure the success of the Supra Boats @Supra_Boats brand against anyone but ourselves. We are not concerned with simply being a bit better than the next water sports boat manufacturer. Our goal is to continually improve every aspect of the boats. From interior and exterior design to ride, wake and handling performance to the team that puts it all together, Supra boats are beyond better. Buzz Brand of the Year, seven consecutive Excellence in Customer Service Awards and an Innovation Award say a lot. But we are focused beyond the recognition on a path toward refinement. There is no finish line in our minds. We are continually pushing for beyond better results and there is no better example of that drive than the new 2013 Supra Boats model line-up.

Supra Launch 21V ( photos)
The Supra Launch 21V cranks the wakes for pro shredder Taylor McCullough and then dials them back to beginner. Customizable rider profiles easily accessed through Supra’s new VISION Touch dash, can be tailored to individual skills with extreme precision. Supra’s wake-shaping SmatePlate, 1950-pound Flex Ballast and Zero Off speed control can be programed to preference and housed in as many as 16 unique profiles. And when you're ready for no wake, speed it up and drain the upgradable ballast for an amazing recreational ski. Recover from the water sports versatility in the new luxurious 21V interior. Deep supportive seating comforts with plush 4” bolsters and tough multi-textured Syntec NANO Block Technology (NBT) vinyl designs. The new swivel racing-style driver’s seat with E-Boost electronic height adjust and Warm-up Seat heat raises the driving experience way beyond better. The Double-up Seating of the Launch 21V adds a flip-up lean-back to the observer’s seat and the playpen, while the Sunsport 21V features a walk-through bow. This Supra is your road to water sports fun.

Overall Length w/o Platform: 21' 4"
Overall Length w/ Platform: 23' 7"
Overall Length w/ Platform & Trailer: 25' 10"
Width (Beam): 99"
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 102"
Draft: 25"
Weight - Boat only: 3,600 lbs
Weight - Boat and Trailer: 4,800 lbs
Capacity - Passenger: 12
Capacity - Weight: 1,700 lbs
Capacity - Fuel: 50 gals
Capacity - Ballast: 1,950 lbs
Engine - Electronic Fuel Injection: 345 HP V-8

Supra Launch 22V ( photos)
This 22.5-foot wake boat welcomes as many as 13 with versatile seating, comfort and wake sport performance. The Launch 22V interior brings resilient multi-textured Syntec NANO Block vinyls together with the durability of exclusive Gore Tenara thread. Triple density foam construction makes the interior as cushy as it is beautiful. Supra has made the high-traffic path from the lounge to the swim step worry-free with a fiberglass seat step and transom walkacross. The wakes are multi-discipline and pro caliber.  Control your curl and your ramps with cockpit switching or a Touch of the VISION. As fun to drive as it is to ride, the 22V slices through rough water with flat precise turns. High and slow speed maneuvers are almost as impressive as you will look pulling them off. Playpen or walk-through bow, the Launch and Sunsport 22V will fit your wake boating lifestyle.

Overall Length w/o Platform: 22' 6"
Overall Length w/ Platform: 24' 11"
Overall Length w/ Platform & Trailer: 26' 9"
Width (Beam): 100"
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 102"
Draft: 25"
Weight - Boat only: 3,800 lbs
Weight - Boat and Trailer: 5,100 lbs
Capacity - Passenger: 13
Capacity - Weight: 1,900 lbs
Capacity - Fuel: 50 gals
Capacity - Ballast: 1,950 lbs
Engine - Electronic Fuel Injection: 345 HP V-8

Supra SA350-550 ( photos)
This new ultimate wake boat combines amazing wakes, precise handling, aggressive looks and a shockingly refined interior. The view from overhead is elegance, while the water-level vantage point is complete intimidation. The SA350, SA450 and SA550 have Indmar power behind their names. These models protect and project with Supra's new Barrage Front End while the Battle Prep Transom prepares you for action. Specific hull design and perfectly matched underwater gear take wake boat handling beyond better. Elevate even further with Supra Ride System (SRS) components like 900 pounds of hard sub-floor Liquid Lead Ballast and the new loaded Roswell Pro Edge Tower. Opt for 1,300-pounds of additional Flex Ballast from the factory and swamp the competition. The epitome of convenience and customization the SA has snap-out carpet with a  fiberglass floor. The intricate upholstery design is only matched by the plush feel and durability of the NANO Block Technology (NBT) Vinyl surrounding multiple densities of foam. Hand-covered accents finish the performance look and the luxurious feel. Experience SA350, SA450 and SA550 shock and awe in person at a Supra Boats dealer near you.

Overall Length w/o Platform: 22' 6"
Overall Length w/ Platform: 24' 6"
Overall Length w/ Platform & Trailer: 27' 2"
Width (Beam): 100"
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 102"
Draft: 26"
Weight - Boat only: 4,300 lbs
Weight - Boat and Trailer: 5,600 lbs
Capacity - Passenger: 10
Capacity - Weight: 1,400 lbs
Capacity - Fuel: 50 gals
Capacity - Ballast: 900 lbs (S) 1,300 lbs (O) = 2,200 lbs available from factory.
Engine - Electronic Fuel Injection: 345 HP-SA350, 450 HP-SA450, 550HP-SA550

Launch 242 ( photos)

Whether you're looking for a luxury ride to dinner or a pro-level wake appetizer, the 2013 Launch 242 can take you there. Deep comforting seats for 15 draped in plush durable Syntec NBT vinyl line the inside. Beneath the lounge, large LED-lit storage areas have room for everything including refreshment. The new stay-cold 48-can Supra Boats branded soft-sided AO Cooler can be filled in the house and stored anywhere in the boat. Stainless steel cup holders accept drinks through out. When the ride is behind the 242 the 345 Surf engine from Indmar cranks out 370 lb-ft of torque, Flex ballast swells to 2200 pounds, the SmartPlate refines shape and the wakes Launch. Control the performance with the new VISION Touch dash and save these settings in as many as 16 unique rider profiles. The Supra Launch 242 is the ride of your life no matter where you're headed.

Overall Length w/o Platform: 24'1"
Overall Length w/ Platform: 26' 3"
Overall Length w/ Platform & Trailer: 28' 1"
Width (Beam): 102"
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 106"
Draft: 26"
Weight - Boat only: 4,000 lbs
Weight - Boat and Trailer: 5,300 lbs
Capacity - Passenger: 15
Capacity - Weight: 2,100 lbs
Capacity - Fuel: 68 gals
Capacity - Ballast: 2,200 lbs
Engine - Electronic Fuel Injection: 345 HP V-8

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