Supra Ride System: Everything You Need to Shred

The Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Ride System (SRS) integrates wake performance features to enhance your riding. It all starts with the sturdy, easy-to-fold S-Bend or Pro Edge tower on the SA, which comes standard with swivel board racks, four rotating tower speakers, a bimini top and more. Supra's expandable Flex ballast or the SA's Liquid Lead setup and wake-shaping SmartPlate let you create ideal wakes for every level of rider. The Supra SmartPlate commands the flow of water moving past the hull and allows you to adjust the shape of the wake at the dash. The integrated Zero Off speed control and the unaffected wakes under the PURE Surf swim step deliver perfect pulls time after time. Harness all this powerful performance with the tap of your finger on customizable rider profiles stored in the all-new VISION Touch system. SRS is standard on the new SA350, SA450 and 550 as well as the 21V, 22V and 242. A 2013 Supra is all you need to shred!

S-Bend & Pro Edge Tower Systems
Supra is extending refined performance above the deck with the S-Bend wakeboard tower or the Pro Edge Tower on the SA350-550. These dual-mount towers were designed to offer advantages in visibility with distinct style. As an engineering-driven company, Supra Boats made function priority one with the S-Bend and Pro Edge. With smooth low-profile folding action and a patented CAM lock mechanism, these Roswell Towers are equal parts form and function. The “S” shape lends itself to an extremely unique profile and the integrated bimini, racks, speakers and interior lighting make it a complete package. The integrated nature of the of the Pro Edge makes it seem as if was made for the new SA350, SA450 and SA550, maybe because it was. It is difficult to distinguish where this rock solid tow point ends and where the SA’s elegantly sculpted deck begins. Finally a wake boat that incorporates the tower into the overall design of the boat for a perfectly balanced look. With smooth low-profile folding, adjustable collapse load, hand-upholstered accent pieces, every accessory imaginable and a new Bridge Block system the Supra SA350-550 Pro Edge Tower System is way beyond better. Supra towers are standards refined with the S-Bend available on the Launch or Sunsport 21V, 22V and 242 models while the Pro Edge makes itself at home on the SA only.

S-Bend Z5 Rack (Optional)
This new available S-Bend Z5 Cargo Rack lets you keep your head when everyone around you is hitting theirs. With all of the functionality and style that Z5 has always built into the Supra cargo rack, the new S-Bend version allows for amazing headroom too. The S-Bend Z5 stows wakeboards, surf boards, inflatables and accessories for more room in the boat. Zippered mesh pockets even allow for quick access to small essentials that you want to keep dry. This rack tilts down for easy loading and unloading of big items from inside the boat. The Z5 also has a “Pull Tight System” that tightens canvas to eliminate stretch and “Quick Connect” tie-down straps for safe trailering. The canvas is Premium Sunbrella material for long life. Supra and Z5 are taking cargo racks beyond better with the new S-Bend Z5 Rack.

Flex Ballast & the SA's Liquid Lead
Supra Boats provides wake power and versatility with the Flex Ballast System. This flexible ballast configuration swells to as much as 1950 pounds with the combination of three sacks standard from the Supra factory. With nearly a ton of water capacity, wakeboarding’s most popular reversible pumps the Jabsco Ballast Puppy fills or drains the entire Flex system in less than 5 minutes, even underway. But it’s not just about the weight, three quick-connect ballast points plumbed on either side of the engine and at midship make this system completely customizable. If you want to go bigger on the port side to create the perfect left-foot-forward wake, snap in the ballast sacks of your choice and shoot the curl. The versatility of the Flex System still monitors and controls the ballast from the dash even when customized. We don't claim to know what your perfect wake is, but we bring you the tools to make it beyond better.

The SA's Liquid Lead Ballast and the factory-option upgradable FLEX Ballast let you create ideal wakes for every level of rider. Supra Liquid Lead is a subfloor ballast system that adds 900 pounds of trick-jacking tanked water weight to the SA350, SA450 and SA550 standard. These polyethylene hard tanks are not only beneath the floor and out-of-the-way, the three locations are optimized for the Supra SA's pro rider hull design. The available Flex System, weighing in at 1,300 pounds of additional ballast, can raise the SA’s factory total to 2,200 lbs. And if that isn’t enough simply swap out the Flex sacks with bags of your choice at the quick connection points. Whether the SA’s ballast system is standard Liquid Lead, paired with factory Flex or upgraded even further, you can still keep your eye and a finger on it with VISION Touch.

The Supra SmartPlate automatically adjusts to the optimum position, but it can also be adjusted on-the-fly to refine the shape of Supra wakes. Depending on rider skill level, passenger and ballast weight placement and speed the SmartPlate can be set to a range of positions. Controlled through the VISION Touch or as a setting in a Rider Profile, the angle of the plate will affect the wake shape by changing the running attitude of the boat. While some boat manufacturers limit you to a one-dimensional hull design, Supra allows you to command the flow of the water beneath the boat with the SmartPlate. Typically referred to as a “rider” accessory, the SmartPlate’s intelligent design allows it to bolster performance even outside wake sports. Being able to change the running angle of the boat in the water allows you to fine tune not only wakes, but ride and handling as well. Ever been on the lake on a rough day? You can adjust the SmartPlate to smooth out the ride and increase control. This is not just smart, it’s genius.

Zero Off
Supra Zero Off integrated speed control is a vital piece of SRS and typically a pricey upgrade in competitor offerings, but standard in all Supra wake boats. Zero Off runs on satellite input and data from the Indmar Engine Management System. It is based completely on the speed across the surface of the water; therefore, there is no requirement for rider weight, crew weight, KX, PX or even any kind of wind adjustment. You simply touch the desired speed on the VISION and go.

PURE Surf (Platform Unaffected Ride Experience)
This 2-piece tooled fiberglass platform is the purist of the 2013 Supra line. Through bolted to the transom with new stainless steel quick-release bracketry, this swim platform does way more than just aid water entry. Available with strobing blue LED underwater lights, Supra's PURE Surf offers a platform unaffected ride experience with specifically engineered corners. The smooth underside also guarantees the flow of water beneath Supra boat hulls is undisturbed especially at surf speeds and running angles. Standard on all Supra boats, PURE Surf is another Supra Ride System (SRS) component allowing you to create a wake sport experience that is beyond better.

Rider Profiles
Supra's VISION Touch technology makes wake boating more fun for everyone especially the rider. Rider Profiles store Supra Ride System settings like ballast levels, the attitude adjusting Smart Plate and Zero Off speed control. Profiles can be created manually by keying settings into the VISION Touch or saved with one touch to capture the current boat set-up. The VISION Touch can store as many as 16 Rider Profiles. This mans not only can everyone in the boat have their own profile, but they can have one for each of the water sports they enjoy.  Riding behind your Supra wake boat should be all about fun and the VISION Touch helps make it so.

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I am very excited to see what the new SA can do. Wakemakers should have upgraded surf ballast bags available soon.

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