Supra Signs Unassuming Female Wakeboarder with Huge Talent

Bec Gange joins the Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Factory Team with a fun family-oriented down-to-earth attitude and mad skills.   

Supra Boats welcomes Australia’s most promising female wake rider to their Factory Pro Team. Bec Gange is as nice, sweet and fun as the typical girl next door, as long as you live on a lake where she can ride. Since the age of 14 Bec has dreamed of becoming the top female wakeboarder in the world. Her Australian accomplishments read like a ladder to attaining that goal, but her low key personality has kept her under the radar. Now as a member of Team Supra she is preparing to pursue even more success in America for the 2013 season. She has the attitude, ability, family support and fun outlook on life to go all the way in the sport of wakeboarding. Supra Boats is excited to be the wake boat company helping to pull her towards her dreams. Watch out wakeboarding! Here comes Bec Gange!

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Bec was born Mildura, Victoria, Australia in 1989. Her family bought a boat right around the time she turned 11. Bec started out skiing until her older brother introduced her to wakeboarding at the age of 14. She’s barely been off the water since. At a cable park or behind the boat, Bec is all about the ride. Bec admits that she prefers boat riding, but time on the water with friends and family is really what it’s about for her.

“...To me there is nothing better than getting the boat ready with my family and heading down the river for the afternoon and relaxing and riding.  Then to get that last ride in before dark when all the boats and wind are gone and it’s just you and the flat water with the stereo cranking.”

Bec’s laid back family-centric approach seems to be working. She has won Australian Nationals six consecutive times. Bec has also finished 5th at IWSF World’s, won Australia's prestigious Mark Kenney Award and taken 1st in the Australasian Games. She has also finished on the podium on the Liquid Force Rail Jam series over the past few years.

“I have to admit I had heard very little about Bec before this past summer,” answered Rick Tinker, President of Supra Boats, when asked about his newest pro rider.  “Jeff Teunissen mentioned Bec to me and acted as if it would be our loss if we didn’t talk to her about  becoming part of the team. Now I understand where he was coming from. The more I learn about Bec, the more impressed I am. There is no limit to what someone with her talent and personality can accomplish. I couldn’t be happier to have her on-board.”

When we asked Bec what has gotten her to this point and what continues to motivate her to succeed as a female rider, we were a little taken back by her response. She explained how big of role family and friends play in her riding. By her account they are the fuel that keeps her progressing. “My mum and dad are my favorite people to ride with,” Bec told us. “They have been there for me from the start and have had the most influence in my life. If they got a dollar for every time they had to turn around and pick me up they would be rich!” Bec also credits her success and continued improvement to her Australian riding partners like Supra Team Riders Brad and Cory Teunissen, who Bec will be training with in the States for the 2013 US season. “Even though they’re younger they influence me a fair bit. That and they’re fun!,” she explained laughing. Bec also named Veteran Team Supra Rider Ben Greenwood and Chris O’Shea as other wakeboarders who inspire her. 

To learn more about Bec Gange and the entire Supra Boats Factory Pro Team stay tuned to Supra Boats on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Supra_Boats).

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