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Supra Boats @SupraBoats unveils a 2012 luxury performance wakeboard and water ski boat line with a “beyond better” online presence.

The 2012 Supra Boats web site brings a new level of refinement to the cyber side of water sports boating with clean design, intuitive function and multi-platform operation. Supra drew on the sleek stylish design they build into their boats when creating this site. Also like the boats, high performance is built into the home page with quick 1-click access to all of Supra’s online destinations. Supra versatility shines with this new web presence. Multi-platform programming makes the site usable on everything from an iPhone or iPad to a desktop PC. Visit and experience performance wake and ski boating digitally refined. Supra Boats way beyond better, even online.

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Supra Boats Web Site

Supra Boats took a different approach to graphic site design with a new 2012 web presence. The look is clean and simple with an uncluttered elegance. The new design presents visitors with the navigation options they need in a format that is not overwhelming. Even though social media is a cornerstone of Supra’s online public relations, they have tucked the dynamic content below the fold. Also outside the first window of view on the home page is most copy. Supra clearly wants to allow visitors’ to focus on the boating lifestyle first. The large background image updates on reload to offer a slight variance to the refined performance look on each visit.

While the look is important, it is the navigation that can make or break a web site experience. Supra made almost every destination within their site 1-click form the home page. Even their external sites like their blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels are one click away. The main navigation of the site is repeated along the top and bottom of each page. This includes links to each model page for quick easy access to your favorite Supra boat. Major Supra happenings are highlighted with graphical buttons on the homepage and the highest priority content is featured in a special banner.

Looking for more content? Just scroll. Supra Boats copy as well as an enewsletter sign-up field, dealer locator, Supra news reel and dynamic social media widgets are all just a scroll bar away. You can get a glimpse of the latest photos on the Supra Flickr channel or check out Supra’s Facebook Fan Page. You can even read the latest Supra Blog post. Everything Supra Boats is at Visit early and often!

And whether your accessing from an Apple device, a Droid or a PC this web site will function and look the same. has embraced the diverse technologies visitors use to access the Internet and built their new site accordingly. The look, navigation and programming has been refined to offer Supra wakeboard and water ski boat enthusiasts an experience online that is as far beyond better as Supra boats.

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