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It's not just about the boats at Supra Boats @Supra_Boats. And it shouldn't be just about the boat when you're making your buying decision. Consider the manufacturer, their partners and the team who builds the boats. Consider those who are in place to support your ownership experience. We want to help you learn more about Supra beyond being better-built, luxuriously high-performing boats. The Supra Customer Service Group lives up to the level of the boats with support that is beyond better. 

Supra invests in people, empowers them to make a difference and cultivates continual improvement in all aspects of its organization. This is especially true in customer support. John Buescher, Anthony Cooper, Roger Lowery and new kid on the block, Jon Allen, make-up the 4-person customer service team that makes a difference. Supra Dealers and boat owners benefit from more than 60 years of experience and the depth of knowledge shared among these gentlemen. The Supra Boats' Customer Service Group may be small, but they are mighty. A 6-time Excellence in Customer Service Award winner, Supra Boats attributes their customer relationship success to an experienced, dedicated, conscientious group. These team members push Supra Boats well beyond a better choice to the only choice when seeking attentive, knowledgeable customer service. 

Other top boat manufacturers in the water sports industry have moved towards call centers largely populated with entry-level personnel. Some smaller boat builders tend to rely on one multi-tasked individual to handle customer service along with other major business processes. Supra Boats chooses a path that focuses on acquiring high quality individuals and empowering them to make decisions they feel continually improve a Supra boat owner's experience. 

John Buescher is the leader of this team, but he is more focused on the overall goal of adding value to the ownership experience as a whole. He's the first to admit that the team supports him as much as the other way around. Hailing from the production side of water sports boat manufacturing with 18 years’ experience, John has a deep product knowledge base. The customer service veterans of the bunch have helped him apply that knowledge in a support capacity. He is grateful for that and proud to be part of this gang, as he calls them. "I absolutely love coming to work! The 'gang' here makes all the difference in the world," John explained. 

When asked to recall a customer who represents the quality of work his team produces, John described a gentleman who was initially extremely upset. With no local dealer, a few issues with his boat, and no one to go to about them, this customer was livid before he had even spoken to customer service. John and the team did not waste anytime fixing the issues identified and going a step beyond to assure satisfaction. The customer was so impressed he even paid for some additional upgrades to his boat. Converting a livid customer to loving again - that seems to be the measure of this team. 

Anthony Cooper is nearly a Supra lifer with 18+ years on the job, but believe it or not this is his second full career. He came to Supra's customer service team after retiring from the United States Army as a Sergeant First Class. It makes sense because he operates with military precision when assisting retail customers and dealers. He is a human parts catalog. It does not matter how old the boat… name a part and Anthony will recite the part's number from memory. When diagnosing a problem he is quick, accurate and caring. He loves Supra Boats and takes pride in representing himself, his team and the company with expertise and service that is way beyond better.

Helpful at heart. That seems to be the best way to describe Roger Lowery, a 16-year Supra Boats employee. Although he specializes in mechanical and electrical systems troubleshooting and diagnosis, Roger does not limit his helpfulness to a particular area or even to working hours. By all teammate accounts this customer service star is ready to pitch in where ever needed. He is a staple on Supra photo shoots, at events and boat tests. Roger applies the Supra Boats tagline to the way he conducts himself everyday, beyond better. Even during a weekend at the lake with his family Roger takes time to help a Supra owner in need. 

Jon Allen is the rookie in the Supra Boats Customer Service Group, but he's not new. This guy has been working in Supra Boats customer service for a third of his life. Jon comes from one of the most successful family-owned Supra dealerships ever, Diamond Lakes Watersports in Arkansas. He is no stranger to the above-and-beyond customer service Supra works to achieve and continually improve upon. The team at Supra is ecstatic to have him on board. 

Supra Boats customer service is just one group within the larger team that lives up to the extreme luxury and high performance of the boats. It is individuals like this fab-four who prove that the power behind the boats is people, the relationships they share and the teamwork they exhibit. Achieving a great customer experience is not just about the boats. It's also about exceptional service and support from team members like the Supra Customer Service Group. Thank you for all you do Supra Customer Service you all make us beyond better.

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