Genuine Wake Riding Phenom Teams Up with Supra Boats

10-year-old Australian wakeboarding sensation Sammy Brown joins the Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Junior Factory Team with heart on and off the water. 

Supra Boats welcomes a genuine wake riding phenom from Australia to their Junior Factory Team. Sam Brown is now part of the Supra Family and not just because he is an amazing wakeboarder. Sam is an authentic young man who truly enjoys the sport and represents it with heart. Character counts with Supra Boats and Sam scored as high in integrity in this luxury performance wake boat manufacturer’s book as he did when he earned his 2012 World Title at the Rockstar Energy Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra Boats. At 10-years-old Sam earned a spot on the team with his unbelievable performances on the water, but according to Supra Boats he got the deal thanks to genuine heart. Welcome to the team Sammy!  

Sam was born in 2002 to Rob and Nadine Brown in Picton, New South Whales, Australia.  He started riding at the age of 7. Naturally his interests include a lot of wake riding related sports like boat riding, cable riding and trampoline. He also enjoys motocross. Sam rides behind a 2011 Supra Sunsport 20V on the Hawkesbury River in NSW, AUS. He rides a 124 Liquid Force Nemesis with Wing bindings. Sam trains at the Black Diamond Wakeboard School with his coach Scotty Kell.

Sam may seem like a typical 10-year-old at first glance, but his wakeboarding moves are amazingly huge. His trick list reads like a glossary of wake riding terms. Just about everything is listed, including the most recent moves he’s landed; a Tantrum to Blind and all four 540 Spins. Whether he’s riding at home in Australia behind his Supra or competing at the Wakeboard World Championships in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin people stare in disbelief. This shocking advanced riding style has earned Sam 2 World Championships, 3 National Titles, Rider’s Choice “Best New Talent” award and Liquid Force Grom Master gold in the last 2 years.

“Like everyone else, we were impressed by Sammy’s riding ability especially at his age,” answered Rick Tinker, President of Supra Boats, when asked what he thought of his newest Junior Team member.  “What impresses me even more is the way he acts off the water. He’s a wonderful young man and we are so excited to have him on the team!”

Those who are familiar with Sammy have become somewhat used to his phenomenal talents on the water, but many of them are still taken back by the way he conducts himself off the water. He is extremely polite and well spoken. He is genuinely interested in the people around him and very helpful. He is also driven. That sounds like a strange characterization for a child, but it’s true. He is not driven like an adult drives for a goal. He seems to be motivated by the fun of wakeboarding and pure challenge of the sport. He rides with heart and that appears to elevate his performance as well as his character.

To learn more about Sam Brown and the entire Supra Boats Junior Factory Pro Team stay tuned to Supra Boats on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Instagram (@Supra_Boats).

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