Team Supra Rider Sam Brown Lands Crow Mobe at 10 Years Old

Team Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Junior Rider Sammy Brown landed his 2nd Mobe-style trick yesterday. Last time we heard from Sam, on the Mobe progression front, it was when he landed his Skeezer at the end of the 2012 season. We thought that was amazing and now,  just a few months later, he lands the Crow Mobe! He stuck it a total of 3 times yesterday. While the Crow Mobe is a one of the easier mobe tricks it is almost never included in the trick run of a 10-year-old. Yes that is right! Sam Brown, Supra Boats wakeboarder, recent lander of a Crow Mobe is 10! Sure this move doesn't require huge air, and can even be done without a mid-air handle-pass, but it is an amazing milestone in just about any rider's career, especially one who is still in grammar school. The fact that Sammy pulled off his second completion of the trick ever on Valentine's Day in Australia is completely appropriate according to his mom Nadine.

Nadine wrote us on Facebook, "With his 2nd mobe ticked off yesterday I guess that shows his love and dedication on valentines day, for Wakeboarding!"

The successful completion of a Crow Mobe often leads to a Mobe 540, and we're betting Sammy is already working on that next Mobe. Take some time to enjoy this major feat, Sammy! We are so proud of you. Truly amazing!

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