Supra Boats Australia Team Video - Cory Teunissen

Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Australia @SupraBoatsAus just released the fifth of 10 team videos, this one featuring the 2012 Rockstar Energy Wakeboard World Championships Title holder and Team Supra Boats rider, Cory Teunissen. Cory is Supra Star on the rise, scorching the water in Australia this winter behind his new SA550 and burning up the wakeboarding season down there. He even earned the top spot in the whole country by winning the Wakeboard Australia 17th Annual National Championships Junior Men's Title. Check out this newest video from Supra Boats Australia of Cory shreddin' behind the 2013 SA550!

Born: 29th September 1997
Hometown (where your family lives): Brisbane Queensland Australia
Top Career Highlight: Everyday is a highlight when Wakeboarding.
Your weight: 165 lbs (75kg)

Board: Obrien Coda
Board length: 135cm
Bindings: Obrien GTC
Rope length (including Handle): 75ft
Total Weight in Boat: 2 tone plus ballast
Wake plate setting (if relevant): 60%
Most common boat you ride behind Supra: SA550
Boat Speed: 23mph
Hardest 5 tricks you can land right now approaching port side of wake: sw hs 9, Pete rose, ts roll 2 blind, sw hs nose 7, sw hs mute backbobe
Hardest 5 tricks you can land right now approaching Starboard side of wake: sw ts 9, crow mobe 5, hs bs 7, whirly 5, sw ts 7
Best kicker trick on port side: sw ts 9
Best kicker trick on starboard side: double mute halfcab roll
Coolest 2 port side moves where you grab the board (Can be inverts or not and already mentioned): stalefish back roll, hs method
Coolest 2 starboard side moves where you grab the board (Can be inverts or not and already mentioned): mute halfcab roll, ts method bs 180

Normal Breakfast: piece of toast with a coffee
Normal morning snack: fruit
Normal Lunch: anything that is lying around
Normal afternoon snack: fruit
Normal dinner: burritos or roast chicken
Normal desert:
Most common drink you drink ie, water, coke, Orange Juice, beer etc.: water, sprite or coke
How many times have you road in the last 30 days: lost count
Other exercise you have done in last 7 days. List with Times: running, trampolining, skateboarding, anything really. I love to stay active and have to be doing something all the time.
3 other riders who influence your style of riding (take moves from and try to be like): pretty much everyone. I like to watch a lot of different riders and try and add little things to my riding.
Who will win the US pro tour next year men’s? junior Pro? Women’s?: pro: I definitely have my money on Harley Clifford. His riding is insane! Jr pro: everyone in juniors are killing it! They are all riding as good as each other. It will be a good contest and can't wait to be apart of it. Woman's: Megan Ethel

Next questions are yes no answers:
Do you think grabbing the board is more important than being able to rotate the board? No
Do you think a 1080 would score better than a mobe 720? No
Do you think wakes will be bigger than they are now in 5 years time? Yes
Do you think wakes will be wider than they are now in 5 years? No
Do you think you will most likely ride the same length rope in 5 years time? Yes
Do you think it is an advantage to be shorter to be a better wake boarder? Yes
Have you road behind the SA? Yes
Are you a fan of the Supra Boats Facebook page? Yes
Are you a fan of the Supra Boats Twitter page? Don't have twitter
Did you know we had a blog page Yes
Would you be willing to spend some days on the road for the Ride Australia tour this summer? Yes

Last question:
Best part about going wakeboarding is: just being able to wakeboard everyday. Wakeboarding is my passion, and I am lucky to be able to wakeboard everyday behind a sick boat!

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