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On Team Supra Boats @Supra_Boats
character counts most and the wins follow. The Supra Boats Factory Team is much more than a group of sponsored athletes. Riders like Rachel Orgill @rachel22wake are our family. We are fans of Rachel as a person and a teammate as much as a competitor. Rachel Orgill is a dedicated ambassador of the boat brand that she trains behind to win, but more importantly she represents Supra Boats with poise and character. That is a big reason why Rachel continues to succeed in wake boarding. We couldn't be more proud to have Rachel as a part of Team Supra Boats! Read on to learn more about Team Supra Boats athlete Rachel Orgill.

Name: Rachel Orgill
Born (where & when):  Provo, UT August 20, 1996
Hometown (where your family lives):  Edmond, OK
1-5 Top Career Highlights:  2011 WWA Junior Women's World Champion, 2011 WWA Junior Women's 2nd Place WakeGames, 2010 WWA Girls 2nd Place Worlds, 2010 WWA Girls 2nd Place Nationals
Your weight: 128
Your Height:  5'6"

Facebook Fan Page:
Twitter Handle: @rachel22wake

Equipment Preferences Hyperlite Murray with System bindings
Stance: Goofy
Stance width:   All the way out
Angle: 12, 12
Board: Hyperlite Murray
Board length: 137
Bindings:   System Bindings with Process Boots
Rope length (including Handle): 75
Total Weight in Boat: 3000
Where is weight in boat front _30_, middle_30_ , rear_40_
Wake plate setting (if relevant):-0
Most common boat you ride behind: -Supra SA 450
Boat Speed: -22.6

Hardest 5 tricks you can land right now. approaching port side of wake: Raley, HS 360, Backroll, Tantrum, HS 180 with nose grab
Hardest 5 tricks you can land right now. approaching Starboard side of wake: Scarecrow, TS Frontroll, TS Backroll to Revert, TS 180, TS Indy Grab
Best kicker trick on port side: Raley
Best kicker trick on starboard side: TS Backroll to revert
Coolest 2 port side moves where you grab the board (Can be inverts or not and already mentioned): HS 180, HS Stalefish grab
Coolest 2 starboard side moves where you grab the board (Can be inverts or not and already mentioned): TS 180, TS Indy Grab

Normal Breakfast: Eggs and wheat toast
Normal morning snack: banana
Normal Lunch: Turkey sandwich
Normal afternoon snack: apples and peanut butter
Normal dinner: chicken
Normal desert: cookie
Most common drink you drink ie, water, coke, Orange Juice, etc.:  Water
How many times have you road in the last 30 days:  15
Other exercise you have done in last 7 days. List with Times:  Running, running, running!  Physical therapy, core training, trampoline training.

Yes or Nos
Do you think grabbing the board is more important than being able to rotate the board? No
Do you think a 1080 would score better than a mobe 720? No
Do you think wakes will be bigger than they are now in 5 years time? Yes
Do you think wakes will be wider than they are now in 5 years? No
Do you think you will most likely ride the same length rope in 5 years time? Yes
Do you think it is an advantage to be shorter to be a better wake boarder? Yes
Have you road behind the SA? Yes
Are you a fan of the Supra Boats page? Yes
Do you follow Supra Boats at  Yes
Do you follow @Supra_Boats on Instagram? Yes
Do you visit  Yes
Will you be attending the 2014 Supra Boats photo shoot this year?  Yes

Last question.
Best part about going wakeboarding is: Learning a new trick and spending time with friends and family.

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