Team Supra Rider Jamie McCauley Wake World Interview
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WW: Howabout a little introduction?
JM: Hi, my name is Jamie McCauley. I'm 16 years old. I'm from Lake Villa, Illinois. I've been wakeboarding for eight years now, but it was more of an every other weekend thing until about three years ago. I started taking it seriously and that's the year when I landed my first invert, a tantrum. This year I rode on the Jr. Pro Tour. I'm honored to be riding alongside these great riders.

WW: Do you remember the first day you stood on a wakeboard?
JM: Yeah, I remember it pretty clearly actually. I remember I saw one of my dad’s friends doing it behind their boat and I told him that I wanted to try it. The next day we went to a pro shop and picked up a wakeboard and I actually got up first try. That's all I remember from it.

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Very amazing Boats and video. I hope someday i can do like that.! Company for Aluminum Jet Boats RogueJet

Dude your freaking awesome! How did you learn to make those moves?

wake boarding was great sport, it really exciting to learn even I having hard time learning it.

that was great sport it was exciting and I want to experience then.

jamie is cute;) and they are both awesome riders!

Some people are born with talents. and with the right training you could be at the top. Your father must be proud of you jamie

wow its cool . How did you learn to make those moves duds ?
thank for this .

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