Experience the Supra Boats Swell Surf System Even in the Freezing Cold on Your iPad

The clean custom-shaped transferable waves of the Supra Swell Surf System are generating tons of excitement, but it’s difficult to demonstrate this next generation surf system in the dead of winter. However; you can experience the advantages of this surf system even off the water with the new Supra Swell iPad app now available in the App Store. This rich, interactive iPad app demonstrates the precision and convenience of perfectly custom shaped waves for wake surfing on the port and starboard side. Learn how you can surf two distinct waves, on either side, to satisfy a variety of surfing styles and skill levels, while the driver can enjoy VISION Touch dash integration, improved handling, forward visibility, next generation design and stout construction. Even if it is still too cold in your area to get out in a Supra wake boat with Swell, download the free Supra Swell Surf System iPad app and visit your local Supra boat show to get the full effect of next generation wake surfing. 

In a warm place on your iPad you can learn the distinction between The Swell’s Barrel and Skim waves as well as how those waves are created. Through video and beautifully clear still images the Supra Swell iPad app details these wave shapes, how the blades create the shapes and what style of wake surfing the waves excel in. 

Interact with the Swell’s quick side-to-side transfer by dragging your finger over a real-life wake surfing scene. You can move the surfer from the port to starboard side and then back again. You will be able to see the wave transfer as well as see the Swell Blades adjust in the top right corner of the screen. This section of the app provides a ton of information about the Swell’s functionality in a fun interactive way. 

Learn how Supra Swell integration technology creates customizable port and starboard waves through VISION Touch control as well as a safer boating experience. This next generation surf system was design for behind-the-boat performance first, but Supra engineers also took this opportunity to improve the drivers experience during a surf session and maximize the safety of this popular water sport. 

The Supra Swell iPad app is also filled with stunning Retina-quality photo galleries and video action sequences from wake surfing pros to give you the full effect of the systems capabilities. 

If you are not already at a Supra wake boat dealership or local boat show, the Supra Swell iPad app will help you find a Supra Boats dealer using the pinpoint map locator.

The Supra Swell iPad app was designed for the Apple iPad running the 6.0 operating system or newer and it is available free for download in the App Store. Download yours today!   

Supra Swell iPad App
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