Go to Extremes with the 2015 SE from Supra Boats

Take your wake surfing, wakeboarding and handling to extremes with the new SE450 and SE550 from Supra Boats @Supra_Boats. This 24-foot 6-inch wake boat cranks out the most massive cleanest custom shaped surf waves on either side thanks to 3200 pounds of ballast, precise hull design and the available Swell Surf System. The SE further exceeds high performance with wakeboard wakes that will be launching pros at the 2014 WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra Boats. The responsive handling and solid ride of the SE earned its spot on the Worlds stage as a large boat that excels in the precise maneuvering of a tournament tow boat. The interior refinement of the SE begins with the extremely wide bow and finishes with crowd-astonishing accommodation in all seating areas especially the new Convertible Rear-facing Bench seat. Enjoy the high torque efficient quiet power of the 440 6.2 liter Ford Raptor by Indmar standard with the instantaneous pull-up 427 foot pounds of torque provides. Opt for the SE550 and move up to the 575 6.2 liter Ford Raptor Supercharged with 580 ft lbs torque. Fuel your water sports passion with the precision of wake surfing, wakeboarding and overall ride at its most extreme in the new 2015 SE450 and SE550.

Go to Extremes with the 2015 SE from Supra Boats from Supra Boats on Vimeo.

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Surf Extreme (#SurfExtreme)
The 2015 SE mine as well be know as the “Surf Extreme”. This Supra boat is built to crank-out pro competition wake surf waves right off the factory floor. The SE’s 3200-pound ballast system combines the sub-structural floor weight of Liquid Lead and the expandable above floor Flex Ballast to create the extreme size surfers are searching for. Transform these waves to Swell proportions with the available Supra Surf System. Swell custom shapes the waves behind the SE for your style of surfing in Skim or Barrel wave configurations by choosing your desired wave at the dash. And no matter which side you dominate the Swell Surf System with transfer your wave from side to side with a press of the VISION Touch Screen. Even mid-session the Swell wave can be transferred in as fast as 1.8 seconds. No matter which side you prefer Supra’s PURE Surf swim step is specifically designed and built through an precise vacuum-infused production process so it does not interfere with the surf waves. 

Wake Extreme (#WakeExtreme) 
The true test of a Supra wake is the Supra Boats Pro Team. Team Supra is always looking to better their performance behind the boat and when they experience a wake that takes them to extremes in their riding, we hear about it. The extreme wake performance the Supra SE offers has impressed all with shape and size, which is a direct result of the boats water sport-specific hull design and where the 3200 pounds of ballast is positioned. Add the amazing wake characteristics to the advantages of Supra Ride System (SRS) components like the strength of the Roswell Pro Edge Tower, the versatility of the SmartPlate, the control of the  VISION Touch with Rider Profiles, the consistency of Zero Off GPS Cruise and the convenience of the Quick-bump Speed Stick. Team Supra Boats wake boarders and wake skaters are so stoked on the SE wakes they will be competing behind this new wake boat at the 2014 WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra Boats. 

Ride Extreme (#RideExtreme) 
While the size and hull characteristics of the SE both point to an extreme wakeboarding boat, typically boats in the 24-foot and over class are not known for responsive handling and that limits their effectiveness as wakeboard tournament tow boats. Wakeboard tournaments tend to be on smaller lakes where tow boat handling can make or break the success of a competition. It’s a good thing the Supra SE is extreme and anything but typical. The running surface of the largest Supra boat ever made is optimized to displace water, but just as important is the strake, chine and dead rise design which happens to create extremely precise handling and a rock solid ride. With 120 square inches of Dorsal Tracking fins, the control of the Precision Rudder and the responsiveness of rack and pinion steering the SE450 and SE550 both handle like a dream. Even when going over your own rollers or making the best out of a rough day on the water, the SE excels in handling and ride. This Supra boat rises to extreme situations with precise performance. 

Spacious Wide Bow
At one glance you’ll realize the SE is a wide bow wake boat. This style adds to the refined performance look of this new 2015, but the real advantage to the bow is pure comfort. Bow riders can spread out and sink into this deep luxurious seating area either as a playpen or a lounge thanks to the bow filler cushion. Even with 500 pounds of Flex Ballast full up front, there is still room for legs when the boat is in its lounge configuration. The SE bow also features Polk sound, stout stainless steel grab handles and 6 oversized stainless cup holders. The huge observer’s storage area is accessible from the bow as are specific storage centers built in front of the driver’s dash. All of this accommodation to describe and we have only made it to the bow. 

Accommodating Interior
As you move towards the SE’s main lounge you will get a clearer idea of the sheer size of this Supra. Rated for 18 passengers, this interior is extremely spacious and accommodating. When attentions are directed towards the back of the boat the SE interior accommodates with a number of rear-facing seat options. Pop-up the Triple-up seating along the passenger’s side of the lounge; a rear-facing leanback that flips-up to reveal two more cup holders. You can also back-up to the driver’s area in a rear-facing seat. The best seat in the house to witness the extreme action is the new Convertible Rear-facing Bench that unfolds out of the SE’s rear lounge. When you’re ready for a snack instead of a seat, the Convertible Bench folds to a table. Beneath almost all seats you will find storage areas that extend below floor level. The main enclosures are accessible through large top opening seat cushions hinged with strong 90-degree flipping stainless steel brackets. The SE lounge also conceals two Supra Boats ice chests. The soft-side American Outdoors cooler (AO) can be stored in just about any SE storage area while the 36-quart Igloo Marine cooler has a specially designed storage area to keep it secure. With plenty of drink storage on-board the SE is equipped with 36 cup holders so passengers can always have a beverage near-by. Hold on to those drinks when drive throttles-up! 

Ford Raptor Power
Supra Power cranks-out high torque for lightening fast pull-ups. This outstanding low-end power is refined by water sports-specific components precisely combined with Ford’s engine performance features. The Ford Raptor brings strong efficient quiet operation to the 2015 Supra SE. The SE’s 440 and Supercharged 575 6.2 liter Ford Raptor Engines by Indmar generate Supra Power with high torque at low RPMs resulting in faster acceleration and less time to plane even when weighted. The SE450 features the power of the 440 6.2 liter Ford Raptor by Indmar with the instantaneous pull-up 427 foot pounds of torque provides. Opt for the SE550 and move up to the 575 6.2 liter Ford Raptor Supercharged with 580 ft lbs torque. Ford and Indmar refined the towing-focused power of the Raptor with Supra engine components specifically designed to enhance water sports performance. A towsport-specific marine oil pan designed to compensate for a variety of operating angles and a closed cooling system to prevent corrosion prove this engine is made for water sports. If you believe super heroes must be the strong silent type, true Supra Power could lie with the seamless integration of the Ford Raptor engine’s performance features. The strength of torque-centric design with 6.2 liter displacement, the efficiency of dual spark plugs on each cylinder and the silence of a next generation exhaust system make Supra Power strong, efficient and quiet. 

Visit your local Supra Boats dealer and take your water sports passion to extremes with the precision of the new 2015 SE450 and SE550.

  • Length: 24’ 6”
  • Beam: 102”
  • Weight (dry): 5300 lbs
  • Weight w/ Tandem Trailer (dry): 7000 lbs
  • Passengers: 18
  • Fuel: 83 Gallons
  • Standard Motor: 440 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar
  • Optional Motor:  575 6.2L Ford Raptor Supercharged Engine by Indmar
  • Standard Ballast: 3200 lbs (650 bow tank, 500 bow U sac, 275/275 rear tanks, 750/750 rear sacs)
  • Optional Surf System: Swell creating Skim and Barrel Style Waves on both sides.

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