2015 Boats Equipped with Supra Power: 6.2L Ford Raptor Engines by Indmar

2015 Supra Boats @Supra_Boats come standard with the 400 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar upgradable to the 440 or Supercharge 575 for even more Supra Power.

Supra Power cranks-out high torque at low RPM for faster pull-ups optimized by water sports-specific components and performance features that all combine for strong efficient operation. The 400, 440 and the ROUSHcharged 575 6.2 liter Ford Raptor Engines by Indmar generate Supra Power with high torque at low RPM resulting in faster acceleration and less time to plane even when weighted for water sports. Ford and Indmar optimized the towing-focused power of the Raptor with Supra engine components specifically designed to enhance water sports performance. A towsport-specific marine oil pan designed to compensate for a variety of operating angles and a closed cooling system to prevent corrosion prove this engine is made for water sports. True Supra Power could lie with the efficient integration of the Ford Raptor engine’s performance features. The strength of torque-centric design with 6.2 liter displacement, the efficiency of dual spark plugs on each cylinder and the silence of a next generation exhaust system make Supra Power strong and efficient. Visit your local dealer and power your passion for water sports with the precision of Supra boats and the Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar.

Built Ford Tough®
The all-new Raptor series standard in 2015 Supra boats is based off a proven workhorse, the Built Ford Tough® 6.2L 16-Valve SOHC V8 engine that was designed, engineered, built and torture-tested by Ford. The same state-of-the-art engine that powers the F-150 SVT Raptor and F-Series Super Duty Trucks that boast best-in-class gas horsepower, torque and max towing ratings are now powering Supra boats.

High Torque at Low RPM
Supra Boats offers three Raptor engines on one exceptional 6.2L platform providing between 404 ft-lbs of torque in the Raptor base engine and 580 ft-lbs of torque in the ROUSHcharge Raptor engine, all in a targeted lower RPM range. Indmar calls this Torque Centric Performance (TCP), providing not just “Best in Class” torque and horsepower but the highest torque where you need it most, between 2500-3500 RPM. This allows for increased boat loading and an exceptionally fast plane time creating unparalleled performance advantages in wake boating applications.

400 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar

The 400 6.2L Raptor establishes a new standard for base engines specifically in terms of efficiency, displacement, torque and horsepower. Delivering over 400 ft-lbs of torque the Raptor 400 makes its home in 2015 Supra Boats SC and SA standard.

440 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar
The 440 6.2L Raptor fits nicely between the base and Ford Supercharged engine offering. The Raptor 440 delivers an industry best in class 427 ft-lbs of torque and is an exceptional choice to deliver the additional torque to quickly plane larger boats like the all new Supra SE450 equipped with 3200 pounds of factory ballast standard.

575 6.2L Ford ROUSHcharged Raptor by Indmar
The 575 6.2L Supercharged Roush Ford Raptor Engine blows all other power offerings out of the water. The Raptor 575 delivers an unmatched 580 ft-lbs of torque and is the only choice for a series water sports boater looking for the quickest most efficient and powerful propulsion for a Supra boat like the 24-foot 2015 SE550 with 3200 of ballast standard.

Put Your Power Before the Horse
The mantra of “yesterday” was to strictly focus on horsepower, a necessary component for top end speed, but not quite the tool to do the work in boats loaded for big wake applications. While we still demand horsepower, “todays” applications require additional torque or pulling power to meet the demands of the sport. Torque to plane and torque to plane when loaded with thousands of pounds of additional weight. Today’s water sports applications require the kind of torque that only the Supra 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar is capable of delivering.

Water Sports Optimized

Each Supra 6.2L Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar features an exclusive oil pan to optimize how the oil is dispersed and controlled regardless of the angle and pitch of the engine. The system has been designed to eliminate the concern of oil starvation or air bubbles that can develop when running at banked angles or when going over large rollers. Standard closed cooling in all Supra Raptors prevents corrosion and extends the life of the engine in even extreme marine environments. The Raptor by Indmar is equipped with more water sports performance features including a wide band o2 sensor to control fuel band, water flow monitor to warn against any water intake restriction, head temperature sensor that puts engine into limp mode in the event of a coolant issue and a fuel pressure monitor that checks fuel flow.

Efficient Operation
The Supra Raptor 6.2L engines inherently operate more efficiently, but are also equipped with additional features that increase those efficiencies.The Raptor’s wide band O2 sensors allow for better fuel economy through a broader RPM range while the dual spark plugs do their part in creating more efficient combustion. The Raptor engines are equipped with dual spark plugs for greater fuel efficiency and reliability. That reliability makes the factory backed 5-year engine warranty an easy decision for us and it provides protection long after the competitors’ expire.

Visit your local Supra Boats dealer today to experience the Supra Power of Ford Raptor Engines by Indmar.

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