Supra Boats SHOCK AND AWE July 22

Supra Boats @Supra_Boats is set to shock a convention center of exclusive invitees at their SHOCK AND AWE wake boat reveal on July 22, 2012. Supra Boats dealers from around the world will be present to see the company unveil their newest "beyond better" 2013 wake boat next Sunday night. Supra Boats media partners like Transworld Wakeboarding Magazine, Alliance Wake Magazine and will be in attendance to cover this event. Supra has also extended the exclusive invitation to the SHOCK AND AWE boat reveal to several of their dedicated boat owner/ ambassadors. World Champion professional wakeskater Reed Hansen will be there along side other Team Supra members like pro wakeboarders Trevor Hansen and Austin Hair. These guys have actually already experienced the shock and awe after helping to develop the new wake boat and riding the finished product earlier this month. They want their chance to share the experience.

The attending dealers, media outlets, Supra boat owners and Team Supra athletes will have the opportunity to post information, photos and video of the shocking new Supra wake boat any time after it is revealed. Keep your eye on Facebook, Twitter and the forums for live reaction to the boat from SHOCK AND AWE attendees. Log on to,, or for full coverage of the new Supra wake boat July 23, 2012. Even more new boat details will be up on by July 26th. Prepare to be shocked and awed!

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Big thanks for sharing this post with regards to wakeboarding and I really appreciated the effort you've put in your blog. Ive watched the video and I find it worth watching. Big thanks.

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