Wakeboarder James Loisel Rides onto Team Supra Boats

The Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Junior Factory Team welcomes the smooth wake riding style of James Loisel to their ranks.

One of the hardest working young men in the Boys Division has just joined the Supra Boats Junior Factory Team. Wakeboarder James Loisel is bringing his smooth style and incredible work ethic to the Supra Team.  He joins good friends  and other top performers like Corey Tuenissen Sam Brown and Jamie McCauley. With this roster the Junior Factory Team is set to dominate in 2013. Congratulations James!

Born in 1998 to Jim and Michelle Loisel in Orlando, Florida. James began riding at the age of 5 and started competing by the time he was 8 years old.  He entered his first tournament in August 2007 at Lake Ivanhoe in Orlando, FL and took home the top prize. That’s where it all started. Now James has dominated the Gravel Tour, earned a 2 National Titles, a World Title in 2010 and a 3rd place finish at the 2012 Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra Boats.

“I’ve watched James for years and he always impresses with classy moves on and off the water,“ remarked Supra Boats President, Rick Tinker. “ He is a great addition to our team and a wonderful example of the caliber of character wakeboarding can help produce. Welcome to the family James!”

Trained by Glenn Fletcher and Josh Palma, James’ bag of wakeboard tricks is bursting at the seams. He executes Heel 7s, Moby Dicks, Tantrums to Blind, Rolls to Blind, Whirly Birds, Switch Cab Grabs with Melon Grab, Switch Heel 5s and all of the basic inverts. This ever-growing trick list is definitely pushing him towards the Junior Pro division for the 2013 season. But his resume of smooth moves is only one part of the winning equation for James.

James looks as though he executes each move with effortless grace, but he is the first to admit that the level of refinement he needs to compete at high levels is the result of hard work. James’ work-ethic is unrelenting and that is probably his biggest strength. He practices mastering new tricks everyday. Now that would be one thing if he was being pushed, but James is self-motivated and he works on his performance because he loves the sport of wakeboarding. Hard work equals wins for James.

James is an extremely conscientious on and off the water. He is always willing to go the extra mile for his family, school and his friends as well as wakeboarding. When James makes-up his mind to do something he does it all the way. Expect to see more “beyond better” performances from James as a part of the Supra Boats Junior Factory Team in 2013.

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