Go Big Picture Boating with New VISION Dash from Supra

Supra Boats (@SupraBoats) has made their immensely popular, feature-rich Video Information System with Integrated Onboard Network (VISION) even more user friendly and fun. As the epicenter of a powerful driver's area, the 2012 VISION adds industry leading viewing size to its list of customer-centric features. Standard in every Supra boat, the new 7-inch screen joins easily customizable user profiles that control wake shape and size as well as speed. Even in direct sun, Supra's VISION provides a user-friendly graphical interface for standard GPS chart plotting with tracking and depth, ZeroOff GPS speed control, SmartPlate adjustment, Gravity Ballast control, iPod® and iPhone® interfacing, live video viewing and playback, stereo control, full engine diagnostics with codes and more. Visit your local Supra Boats dealer and see the whole picture through the new VISION dash.

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A testament to their commitment to refined performance, Supra’s VISION dash uses technology as it was meant to be utilized. This system actually makes high-performance water sports boating easier and more fun. Supra has improved your VISION with a new 7-inch high-contrast screen to allow boaters a better view of the boat's systems even in full sun. The increased size allows this screen to communicate a ton of information in a quick glance, but this is much more than a dash display. This graphical in-dash interface allows the driver to easily control every aspect of wake boating from the Supra SmartPlate's wake shape to the Gravity Ballast's wake size to ZeroOff's GPS-based speed. A costly upgrade in other water sports boats, ZeroOff is standard in all Supra boats.

Other surprisingly standard VISION features include GPS chart plotting, position tracking and depth. If you're boating on a big body of water or a lake where the shoreline changes with fluctuating water levels, VISION GPS always knows where you are. If you're unclear about getting back to the dock, use the built-in tracking system to return safely.

Days last longer in a Supra thanks to multimedia entertainment in addition to real-world functionality. VISION incorporates Clarion stereo control and speed-based volume into every Supra boat. The volume of this system can be set to automatically adjust noise levels based on the speed of the boat. So the tunes can be cranked when a rider is going off behind the boat and then automatically lower if the driver must slow to pick-up a fallen rider. Make your wake riding theme songs as personal as the ride itself by selecting a song or playlist from your iPod® or iPhone® through VISION.

Supra VISION also acts as a trouble-shooting console if you do encounter an issue on the water. Easily accessible engine and system diagnostics are viewable through VISION and displayed with codes.

Don't just go big, go big picture. Experience the new VISION dash in a 2012 Supra boat at a dealer near you.

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