Prom Invite Between Supra Friends!

Even though they'd probably both rather be on the lake in a Supra boat @SupraBoats, best friends Chase Miller and Caite Borek are going to Caite's high school prom together. Chase asked Caite as a friend so she wouldn't have to go stag. That makes Chase a great friend, but the best part about this story is the way he asked.

Since they are best buds, Chase wanted to surprise Caite with the invitation. Even though neither of them really wanted to go to the prom, Chase thought it could be fun if they went together. Chase was thinking about a wakeboard trick he has been working on and the idea hit him. "I could write it on my board and she would see it when I was Wakeboarding."

Chase used some car window paint to write "PROM???" on his wakeboard. The plan was to get out there on the water and throw the big trick so Caite could see the bottom of his board and the question. Unfortunately, The paint didn't have time to dry before they went out on the boat so he improvised. Chase simply asked if Caite wanted to see his new board graphics and boom; there was the invite.

According to Chase, "It worked out pretty well." They are going to make the best of Prom together and they had an awesome time riding behind the Supra Launch 242 after the invitation was accepted.

Great story Chase! Thanks for sharing with us. Have fun at Prom!

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