Team Hair Tangled and Won

Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Pro Team Rider, Austin Hair, just earned one of the most satisfying victories in sports; a team victory. Team Austin Hair took home gold at Wake Games 2012. Read on to learn more about the team's performance.

"This past weekend we wrapped up the Wake Games here in Orlando. The top ten pro men from last year's King of Wake standings get to be team captains. This meant that the Sovens, Harley, myself and a few others would be competing against each other not only on the water, but at the draft as well. The draft is where they separate the men from the boys. The winners are made here, and everyone else is left to fend on their own. Choosing teams is not for the faint of heart. Each captain is responsible for choosing 9 other people to add to their team, a complete mix of other pros, amateurs, and wakeskaters. My strategy was simple, add the derivative of the score to the multiple of their seeding placement before calculating the mean.

On Saturday, the competition was on. This event is so great because it creates a real bond between the amateurs and the pros on the team. The riding was unreal in the finals, with Philip and Harley having unbelievable runs. My team was leading going into the last day. But when Steel made finals and I was no longer competing, we knew it was gonna be a close call. Team Hair ended up sealing the deal by a mere 3 points, 819 to 816. Each and every team member rode their hearts out and contributed to the win. Big thanks to my teammates Adam, Daniel, Joshua, Abbie, Caro, Austin, Marla, Jeremy, Darren and Joy."

Way to go Austin and Team Hair! Congratulations!

Team Results
1. Team Austin 819
2. Team Steel 816
3. Team Harley 804
4. Team Dean 799
5. Team Rathy 788
6. Team Bob 784
7. Team Rusty 769
8. Team Phil 748
9. Team Oli 727
10. Team Shaun 667

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