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On Team Supra Boats @Supra_Boats character counts most and the wins follow. The Supra Boats Factory Team is much more than a group of sponsored athletes. Riders like Arnie Watkins @arniewatkins are our family. We are fans of Arnie as a person and a teammate as much as a competitor. Arnie is a dedicated ambassador of the boat brand that he trains behind to win, but more importantly he represents Supra Boats with poise and character. That is a big reason why Arnie continues to succeed in wakeboarding. We couldn't be more proud to have Arnie as a part of Team Supra Boats! Read on to learn more about Team Supra Boats athlete Arnie Watkins.

Name: Arnie Watkins
Born (where & when):  4/21/97 Charlotte, North Carolina
Hometown (where your family lives): Lake Wylie South Carolina
1-5 Top Career Highlights: INT U.S. National champion outlaw division
Your weight: 137lbs
Your Height: 5foot 7inches

Contact Info
Facebook Fan Page: Arnie Watkins 
Twitter Handle: @arniewatkins 
Instagram Handle: @arniewatkins
Web Address:

Equipment Preferences
Stance: regular
Stance width: all the way out
Angle: 12x12
Board: liquid force harley
Board length: 135
Board Width:
Bindings: liquid force Harley and the watsons
Rope length (including Handle):  70 feet
Handle width:
Total Weight in Boat: 4000lbs
Where is weight in boat ie front 0%, middle 0%, rear 0% including people: 20% front, 40% middle, 40% rear
Wake plate setting (if relevant): 50%
Most common boat you ride behind: supra 22v or supra SA450
Boat Speed: 22.2mph

Hardest 5 tricks you can land right now. approaching port side of wake: crow mobe 540, ts 900, switch hs 7, Nuclear backroll 2 blind, dum dum
Hardest 5 tricks you can land right now. approaching Starboard side of wake: whirly 5, backside 7, kgb, switch toe 7, hs 7
Best 2 rail moves port side: 270 on tail press rewind 90 out. Ollie on bs lip 270 out
Best 2 rail move starboard side: switch transfer 90 tantrum out(nesse at owc) switch gap 270 tail press out(henshaw at owc)
Best kicker trick on port side: hs 900
Best kicker trick on starboard side: wrapped ole blind pete 7
Coolest 2 port side moves where you grab the board (Can be inverts or not and already mentioned): melon halfcab glide. Nose grab pete rose.
Coolest 2 starboard side moves where you grab the board (Can be inverts or not and already mentioned):  nuclear tantrum 2 blind

Normal Breakfast: muffin or strawberry smoothie
Normal morning snack: banana
Normal Lunch: peanut butter and jelly
Normal afternoon snack: chewy bar
Normal dinner: there is no normal dinner cause its different every night
Normal desert: ice cream
Most common drink you drink ie, water, coke, Orange Juice, etc.: milk and minuet maid lemonade
How many times have you road in the last 30 days: atleast 15
Other exercise you have done in last 7 days. List with Times: Monday Wednesday Friday I go to the gym and workout and play tennis. Then I train on the trampoline and skateboard.

What do you think?
3 other riders who influence your style of riding (take moves from and try to be like): Every rider I look up to has a different style I like and I try to take different things from each persons riding style and make it my own. At the cable Austin Pratt’s riding is always pushing me to work on my rail hits and also try new transfers and flips off rails. Every time Mike Dowdy learns a new trick I always push myself harder to learn something new, and there isn’t one trick that mike does that looks bad. And finally there is Harley Clifford the number one wake boarder in the world and he has always inspired me to try and be number one!
Who will win the US pro tour next year men's? junior Pro? Women's?:  I think in pro men’s its going to be a battle between Mike Dowdy and Harley Clifford cause they both have consistent double flips wake to wake. In its gonna be super tough because everyone has basically the same tricks so its gonna be about who has the better style and cleanness. And in pro womans I think Anna Hajek, Bec Gange and Nicola Buttler are all gonna be around the top 3.

Yes or Nos
Do you think grabbing the board is more important than being able to rotate the board? no
Do you think a 1080 would score better than a mobe 720? no
Do you think wakes will be bigger than they are now in 5 years time? yes
Do you think wakes will be wider than they are now in 5 years? no
Do you think you will most likely ride the same length rope in 5 years time? yes
Do you think it is an advantage to be shorter to be a better wake boarder? yes
Have you road behind the SA? yes
Are you a fan of the Supra Boats page? yes
Do you follow Supra Boats at
Do you follow @Supra_Boats on Instagram? yes
Do you visit yes
Will you be attending the 2014 Supra Boats photo shoot this year? yes

Last question.
Best part about going wakeboarding is: When the water is super buttery, and there are hot girls in the boat and your jammin to your favorite tunes, all the stress has been relieved and I can push my self to ride the best I can.

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