Team Supra Boats: Reed Hansen

On Team Supra Boats @Supra_Boats character counts most and the wins follow. The Supra Boats Factory Team is much more than a group of sponsored athletes. Riders like Reed Hansen @reedahansen are our family. We are fans of Reed as a person and a teammate as much as a competitor. Reed Hansen is a dedicated ambassador of the boat brand that he trains behind to win, but more importantly he represents Supra Boats with poise and character. That is a big reason why Reed Hansen continues to succeed in wake skating. We couldn't be more proud to have Reed as a part of Team Supra Boats! Read on to learn more about Team Supra Boats athlete Reed Hansen.

Name: Reed Hansen
Born (where & when): Orlando FL April 20th 1990
Hometown (where your family lives): Groveland FL
1-5 Top Career Highlights: 2011 Alliance Rider of the year.
Your weight: 175
Your Height: 6'2"

Contact Info
Facebook Fan Page: Reed Hansen
Twitter Handle: @reedahansen
Instagram Handle: @reedhansen

Equipment Preferences
Stance: goofy
Stance width: whatever I want:)
Angle: what's your angle with this question?
Board: 42" Ronix Boomstick
Board length:
Board Width:
Bindings: no thanks
Rope length (including Handle): 75
Handle width:
Total Weight in Boat: 3500lbs
Where is weight in boat ie front 0%, middle 0%, rear 0% including people: 70/30 rear
Wake plate setting (if relevant): 50%
Most common boat you ride behind: SA 450 (corvette motor)
Boat Speed: 22.5

Normal Breakfast: avocado... Mmmmm
Normal morning snack: banana....mmm
Normal Lunch: Mexican Restaraunt in Groveland, Coyote Rojo
Normal afternoon snack:
Normal dinner: venison of some sort
Normal desert:
Most common drink you drink ie, water, coke, Orange Juice, etc.: Agua, Rockstar
How many times have you road in the last 30 days: 30 probably
Other exercise you have done in last 7 days. List with Times: I tried jump roping once!

What do you think?
3 other riders who influence your style of riding (take moves from and try to be like): Matt Manzari, Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura
Who will win the US pro tour next year men's? junior Pro? Women's?:

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