2014 Supra SC350-550 Wake Boat: Smoke the Competition

A traditional bow boat infused with shock and awe, the 2014 SC350, SC450 and SC550 from Supra Boats @Supra_Boats are poised to smoke the competition in their class. The wake performance of the SC will help you do the same to your competitors behind the boat. The shape and size of SC wakes will take your performance beyond better with specific hull design, 900 pounds of hard tank sub structural floor Liquid Lead ballast, an optional 1300-pound Flex System and the versatile SmartPlate. The SC350-550 cranks huge walls of water for launching off of both sides and calms the water with a SmartPlate adjustment at skiing speeds, but its true calling lies with the curl. Huge pushy waves, no bow rise, superior handling even when weighted and increased interior depth make the new SC a curl carver's dream. Beyond the performance, one look at its menacing style and intricately plush interior and you'll realize the SC is a luxury muscle car on the water. This Supra is specifically designed to deliver punishing performance along with inspired interior accommodations. This wake boat isn't about smoke and mirrors. The 2014 SC350-550 smokes the competition. 

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Beyond better.
At Supra Boats success lasts long enough for a high five or a pat on the back and then it's back to the digital drawing board. The 2014 SC embodies this drive for continuous improvement. With the success of the SA still relatively new, Supra Boats designers started on the next one. They took things they new worked perfectly on the SA like the running surface, but to appeal to a different type of wake boat owner, they sharpened the bow, depended the interior and shortened overall length of the boat. Engineers moved away from the sleek refined sports car lines of the SA to a stout body with elegantly muscular lines that looks like it could do a burn-out or take the quarter mile in 4 seconds flat. The result of the overall project is a new 2014 Supra boat that shares professional performance with the SA, but takes its own path to beyond better. 

Supra Ride System
The Supra Ride System (SRS) integrates features and design to maximize wake riding performance in the 2014 SC350-550.

  • ProEdge Wakeboard Tower: Starting with your connection to this professional wake maker, the ProEdge Tower is a Supra system in and of itself. Complete with an adjustable weightless folding mechanism, Bridge and Garage Block fold stops, Swivel Board Racks, 4 Spin Speakers and an integrated bimini, this tower is way beyond better. It also features thoughtful details like LED tower accent lighting, upholstery-matched hand-covered panels, rope spool posts to keep excess rope from hanging down into the lounge or storing your rope when you're just cruising and a pull strap to elevate your boat cover for optimum runoff. New for this year the ProEdge Tower is available with the Contrast option that offers 13 color choices on tower base farings and bimini arms to further customize your Supra SC350-550.  
  • Wake Enhancement and Speed Control: The Supra SC's 900-pound Liquid Lead Ballast and optional 1300-pound expandable Flex system with the wake-shaping SmartPlate can create ideal wakes for every level of rider. Zero Off speed control with GPS mapping and the unaffected wakes under Supra’s PURE Surf swim platform finish this perfect ride. The VISION Touch dash brings all of this function to your finger tips with 16 available Supra Rider Profiles that house speed, ballast and SmartPlate position information. Also at your finger tips is the redundancy of manual wake enhancement and speed controls with simple toggle switches. This includes two quick bump sticks on either side of the steering wheel for SmartPlate and Zero Off speed control without wasted distracting motion.  
  • Designed to Ride.: The Supra SC is not only designed to create large sculpted wakes, it's built to perform beyond better while making them. The running attitude of the SC, even at full ballast, does not impede the driver's view. SC handling does not degrade with weight or slow speeds. You can turn around to get a fallen rider with ease and not have to worry about taking water over the transom or the bow in the process. The SC is a deep boat and because of that you feel safe on the inside whether your surfing, riding or cruising. 
Elevating Expectations.
Supra raises the standards of refinement with innovative interior amenities that create extreme luxury tempered by intuitive design. The new SC interior is the perfect example. Elegantly functional features like Supra's E-Boost equipped racing-style driver's seat marries comfort and convenience with high performance. Versatile passenger relaxation like Triple-up Seating with a flip-up lean back in the lounge, a rear-facing seat behind the driver that houses a trash receptacle and storage, an available Gap Seat in the walk-through and a 36-can relocatable stay-cold AO Cooler continue the usability without compromising interior look, capacity or comfort. The standard 10-speaker Polk Sound System can be controlled through the media screen of the VISION Touch, with a remote mounted in a lounge side panel or in the passenger-side glovebox. Easy-access tune control is an understatement. Supra furthers the interior feast for the senses with LED Mood Lighting, hand-cover color-match interior accents and the plush feel of Spradling's stain and abrasion resistant multi-textured SupraSkinTM vinyl. The Supra SC raises its standards to luxury, you should too.  

Where passion meets precision.
The Supra Boats construction difference is a collective drive for continuous improvement fueled by a passion for water sports and the Supra brand. This charge is not just a top-down attitude. All employees from the production floor up take pride in process and product innovation. Improvement suggestions are encouraged and rewarded at all employment levels. It is a team effort and the boats reflect this groups determination. From the extra effort in digital design, to mold preparation and maintenance, to the perfectly measured skin coat application, to the strength of through-bolted hull hardware, to covering all ballast tanks with a structural floor, to adding floatation foam to every boat, to the structural integrity of the hull and deck shoebox fit, to double or triple sticking every high-stress seam with Gore thread, to the double water test of each boat, to the example of safe practices and encouragement of the same on the water, Supra Boats is where passion meets precision.

Visit your local Supra Boats dealer and elevate your expectations to beyond better boating with the 2014 Supra boats. 

2014 Supra SC350-550 Specifications
Overall Length w/o Platform: 21' 8"
Overall Length w/ Platform: 23' 8"
Overall Length w/ Platform & Trailer: 26' 4"
Width (Beam): 102"
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 106"
Draft: 26"
Weight - Boat only: 4,300 lbs
Weight - Boat and Trailer: 5,600 lbs
Capacity - Passenger: 14
Capacity - Weight: 2,200 lbs
Capacity - Fuel: 49 gals
Capacity - Ballast: 900 lbs (S) 2,200 lbs (O)
Engine - Electronic Fuel Injection: 345 HP-SA350 450 HP-SA450 550HP-SA550 

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