Team Supra's Bec Gange First Female to Land Mobe 5

Team Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Pro Rider Bec Gange elevated expectations of her own riding behind the SA550 on July 19, 2013 when she became the first female wakeboarder in history to land a Mobe 5. This accomplishment could not have been achieved by a rider more committed to progressing the sport and encouraging other female wakeboarders to do the same. Bec's involvement in the Sets in Motion project, a women's wake film, is proof of this dedication. We are excited to see that, but even more excited to share Bec's big move with you. Riding with fellow Team Supra Boats members Brad and Cory Teunissen, Bec nailed this elusive move for girls and they captured it on video. What are friends for if not for recording you when you make history! Your family at Supra Boats is so proud of you Bec! Keep doing what you do!

A Mobe 5 is a heelside rotational roll-combination flip with a handle pass and an extra 180 degrees of rotation.  It's sounds like a lot to do behind a boat because it is! This may be why Bec is the first girl to land it.

Bec's progression with this trick was fast. She explained, "I had never tried Mobe 5s before Thursday [July 18,2013].  I tried a couple that only went 90… luckily there were no back edges! I gave it a third go [July 19, 2013] and landed it."

Bec is living in Clermont, FL for the summer with fellow Team Supra riders Brad and Cory Teunissen. They hang out and train together as well as ride behind their 2013 Supra SA550 as often as possible. The day this Mobe 5 went down, Cory was driving the SA550 at 23.4 miles per hour according to Zero Off. The boat was weighted with 20% of the ballast in the bow, 20% in the walk-through, 60% in the rear and the SmartPlate was at 80%. Bec was running at 73-foot line. That was the winning combination and she did it!

The Supra Boats Factory Team is much more than a group of sponsored athletes. Riders like Rebecca Gange are our family. We are fans of Bec as a person and a teammate as much as a competitor. Bec is a dedicated ambassador of the boat brand that she trains behind to win, but more importantly she represents Supra Boats with poise and character. That is a big reason why Bec continues to succeed in wakeboarding. We couldn't be more proud to have Bec as a part of Team Supra Boats!

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