Team Supra's Cory Teunissen Youngest to Land Wake to Wake 1080

Team Supra Boats @Supra_Boats Pro Rider Cory Teunissen joins a small group of wakeboarding legends with his recent landing of a Switch Toeside Wake to Wake 1080. The kicker is, he's only 15 years old! Cory is the youngest ever to land the move. This kid just plain kills it behind his SA550! He is constantly pushing himself to take his riding beyond better and this history-making move is just one example of that determination. Aside from the work ethic it's his attitude that takes him to new heights. Take a look at what hard work and a great attitude can help you accomplish, even at the young age of 15. We are Supra proud of you Cory!

Cory Teunissen Switch Ts Wake 2 Wake 1080 from Brad Teunissen on Vimeo.

A 1080 is a spin where the rider does a 1080 degree rotation while in the air. The legendary Parks Bonifay was the first person to stick a 1080 in 1999 during a photo shoot with Bill Doster at the age of 18. Cory added a few additional degrees of difficulty to his 1080 by coming at it Switch Toeside and completing the trick wake to wake. That and he's only 15! Since the original landing of this trick there have been more milestones achieved by other great riders. Rusty Malinoski was the first to land it in competition in 2009. Harley Clifford was the first to land a Backside 1080 Wake to Wake in June of 2012. Harley and Olivier Derome landed back to back wake to wake 1080s in 2012 during a competition. But no matter what other achievements surround the amazing 1080, Cory is the youngest to have landed it just this way.

When we asked Cory what he thought about the history-placing move, he said, "It actually didn't sink in that I landed one until about 20 minutes later when we had just come off the boat and were packing everything up. When I finally had some time to myself and to relax, it clicked that I landed a 10. But personally I am just pumped to be able to say that I have landed one as I have been looking up to Danny, Rusty and all of those guys that have been doing them for years. Hopefully I am able to land some more and be able to do them pretty regularly."

Cory was riding behind his SA550 with his brother Brad Teunissen and Supra team member Bec Gange in Clermont, FL when he landed his 1080. Brad was driving the SA, pulling Cory at 23.2 miles per hour at a line length of 72 feet. The SA was weighted with 20% ballast in the bow, 20% ballast at midship and 60% ballast in the rear. This must have been a the winning combination for the 1080 because Cory nailed it!

The Supra Boats Factory Team is much more than a group of sponsored athletes. Riders like Cory Teunissen are our family. We are fans of Cory as a person and a teammate as much as a competitor. Cory is a dedicated ambassador of the boat brand that he trains behind to win, but more importantly he represents Supra Boats with enthusiasm and character. That is a big reason why Cory continues to succeed in wakeboarding. We couldn't be more proud to have Cory as a part of Team Supra Boats!

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