Supra Senior Picture!

Supra Boats @Supra_Boats dubs Dominic Komloske's recent photo post "Best senior pic ever!!!" Well we can't say we've seen every senior photo, but this one is up there, in our book. It is definitely a Supra Senior Picture, Dominic! Thanks for sharing! 

We thought this was such a great idea for a senior pic, we did a little interview with this son of a Supra boat owner and were so impressed with Dominic that we wanted to share his responses.You seem like a great guy Dominic. Your parents must be Supra Proud!

What year and model Supra boat do you have?
My family just got a 2002 22-foot Santera in February, it is our first inboard boat and we are really stoked on how amazing it is!

How do you and your family use your boat?
My mom slalom ski's behind it, and when she is done we fill all the ballast bags we have and wakeboard behind it, and if the water isn't very smooth we surf behind it. Amazing boat for all 3 sports!

What are your favorite things about your boat?
Favorite things about our boat are the swim platform (our old boat didn't have one so its a nice thing to have) the inside is super comfortable and the wake is sweet!

What does Boating and Water Sports mean to you and your family?
My parents grew up water skiing all the time so everything on the water really came naturally. My mom slalom skis like a champ and my dad is the best boat driver out there! Boating is a huge part of my life, I bring all my friends out and teach them to wake board and our lake friends are the best! Living in Colorado, the boating season is super short so we always make every lake day count, from wearing dry suits in the 40 degree water in April, to chasing the last rays of sun at dusk in September, this summer has been amazing thanks to our new Supra!

Thanks for making such sweet and perfect boats! Hopefully one day I can get an SC450! That has to be the sickest boat ever!

Thank you Dominic for sharing your photo and taking the time to answer these questions for us. Keeping having fun behind your Supra boat!

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