Well Known North Central California Dealership Chooses Supra As Exclusive Luxury Wake Boat Brand

Boat Country in North Central California has gone "all in" to offer the beyond better luxury performance of Supra wake boats @Supra_Boats. A boat dealership who prides themselves on representing engineering-driven brands with integrity and providing superior customer service, Boat Country recently decided to elevate their wake boat expectations to Supra Boats. Boat Country chose Supra as their new lead wake boat brand. Supra Boats, the company where passion meets precision, jumped at the chance to partner with this motivated caring, knowledgeable boat dealership that is a pillar of California's Northern Central Valley boating community.

Boat Country seems more like a community meeting place than a wake boat dealer. Customers old, new and aspiring all stop by the dealership regularly. And whether it's to get a boat serviced, to pick-up a new surf rope, buy a boat or just to say hi; they stay longer than they had planned and leave like they came, as part of the Boat Country Family. Many businesses talk about having close personal relationships with their customers, but Boat Country doesn't say a word, their customers do. Brent Lemcke, owner of Boat Country, doesn't have to say anything, his amazing list of repeat buyers speak for him.

The customer intimacy that Boat Country enjoys comes from their business integrity and attention to customer service, but probably the biggest ingredient to their success is their boating expertise. Brent and Daniel Indelicato, his lead sales guy, are avid water sports enthusiasts and the level of knowledge they share makes them amazing resources for boating expertise. And when you can get that kind of knowledge from a trusted source, you go back again and again.

It is also this superior boating experience that allows Brent to make extremely educated decisions on the boat brands they offer to their customers. Brent described the process he went through when choosing to represent Supra boats. "We knew right away that we liked the guys at Supra and felt comfortable that they are the type of manufacturer we want to do business with, but in the end the decision came down to the performance and quality of the boats." Brent continued, "We put the Supras through test after test on the water and off. We had to make sure this was a boat brand we could stake our reputation on. And after all of the consideration was done, the decision was actually a no-brainer. Supra is definitely our luxury performance wake boat choice!"

It was these qualities that drew Supra Boats to Boat Country and vice versa. Dan Miller, Vice President of Sales for Supra Boats, explained the connection between Supra and Boat Country. "We do not sit in an office and dictate how things are going to be. We ask and consider and then make decisions that benefit the entire Supra Boats Family, dealers included. I think Brent and his team appreciate being part of our team in addition to the superior products we produce." Dan continued, "It is a long term decision for both of us and it's a perfect fit!" 

Visit this newest California Supra Boats dealer in Escalon, CA at 1433 E. Main Street or visit Boat Country on Facebook.

About Boat Country: Since 1993, our family business has grown to be one of the finest boat sales, service and accessory shops in Northern California. Boat Country is located in Escalon, Ca on Highway 120, making us one of the most convenient dealerships for service and accessories for boaters headed toward the foothills from Modesto, Sacramento or the Bay Area.

Boat Country Inc.
1433 E. Main Street
Escalon, Ca 95320
Phone: (209) 838-2628
Fax: (209) 838-3020
Email: sales@boatcountryUSA.com

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