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Supra Boats @Supra_Boats is raising the standards of wake boating with refined luxury, function and beauty. Even in commonly overlooked areas of the boat, Supra takes the time to innovate and the opportunity to continue to elevate your wake boating experience. From expanding the luxury of a wake boat interior with an extremely supportive Racing Style Driver’s Seat with heat and electronic height adjust to rider-focused seating areas to accommodating multi-purpose storage areas to a 10-speaker Polk Sound System with Bluetooth connectivity and a convenient lounge remote Supra Boats is always on a path towards beyond better. This dedication to continuous improvement also elevates functionality for the driver with features like Rider Profiles, Driver Presets, GPS Speed Control with Quick-bump Speed Stick, Smart Plate toggle and VISION Touch control with redundant switching. Form follows Supra boats luxurious functionality with beautifully executed upholstery designs that include double and triple stitched seams of GORE® TENARA® Thread joining multiple colors and textures of SUPRASKIN vinyl complimented by hand covered accents studded with stainless steel and the safe elegance of Supra-branded SeaDek non-skid.Get into a Supra wake boat at a dealer or show near you and elevate your expectations beyond better.

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Racing-style Driver's Seat
A performance wake boat deserves a performance driver's seat and Supra boats offer one standard. Supra has designed a racing-style driver's seat with wide high-back comfort that supports a variety of drivers and driving styles. The huge standard flip-up bolster takes your driving experience even higher with a secure comfortable seat that offers perspective and guarantees piece of mind. Want to get even higher? Actuate as much as 4 more inches of E-Boost with a touch of the VISION screen or the flip of a switch. Adjust it forward and back or simply swivel it around to join the lounge, the Supra Racing Seat is as social as it is supportive.

E-Boost Electronic Seat Height
Electronic seat height adjustment or E-Boost is standard on all 2014 Supra boats. The E-Boost Driver's Seat electronically adjusts chair height with the flick of a switch or a touch of the VISION to provide comfortable customizable perspective on the water. Driving with the perfect point of view for you ensures safe worry-free operation of your Supra boat. With a supra you won't be distracted by balancing on a bolster, sitting on your feet or a propping yourself up with a throw cushion. E-Boost elevates the luxury, comfort and safety of the Supra Racing Seat to new heights, electronically.

Warm-up Seat Heat
The Supra Warm-up Seat is standard in all 2014 models so you can extend your day and even your season in a Supra boat. Boating lasts longer in a Supra! The heated driver's seat radiates comfort with the flip of a switch or it can be programmed as part of a Supra Driver Preset. Warm-up to a driving experience that is beyond better.

Triple-Up Flip-Up Lounge Seating
Since most passengers in a wake boat want to face the rider, Supra boats adds a flip-up rear-facing lean back to the lounge. Flip-up the Triple-up Lounge Seat and lock it into place. The passenger in the observer seat gains access to two more stainless steel cup holders, while another can enjoy a comfortable backrest and a wake riding show. And when the shows over, flip the Triple-up Seat down and transform the interior back to a traditional wrap-around lounge.

Flipped-out Seat Hinges
Weather you’re looking for quick access to lounge storage to retrieve something small or full access to store a large gear, Supra Boats has you covered. The convenient Flipped-out Seat Hinges allow seat cushions to come up for quick access when lifted from the front or flip forward for full access all while remaining connected to the seat base. You don’t have to deal with loose cushion in addition to storing your gear in the lounge of a Supra boat.

Supra Cooler
The Supra Cooler made by American Outdoors, standard in all 2014 Supra boats, is the highest quality removable soft-sided cooler available. The specially engineered liner prevents all leaks and sweating, while the three-quarters of an inch thick, high-density, closed cell foam insulation holds ice for as long as 24 hours in 120-degree heat. The Supra-sized dimensions make this 36-can cooler fit in just about any storage area with ease. The Supra Cooler is removable and branded with "Supra Boats" so it can be loaded in the house and taken on any excursion on water or off. Owning a Supra boat can make you cool, literally.

Trash Receptacle
Everything has its place in a Supra boat, even the trash. A specifically constructed storage area inside the driver’s side rear-facing lean back houses a removable trash receptacle. Your boat's garbage can remain out of sight, but still easily accessible for removal.

10-speaker Polk Sound with Bluetooth and Lounge Remote
Designed for optimum outdoor sound and styled specifically for use in a marine environment, 10 Polk Audio MM Series speakers are standard in each Supra boat. A unique tweeter-on-grille design eliminates the traditional tweeter post, resulting in a totally sealed front. With waterproof materials, it will stand up to just about any harsh marine environment while sounding great, thanks to Polk marine certification and Polk technology. Polk has incorporated extreme user-friendly Bluetooth in their head unit with easy pairing and follow-up connections from Bluetooth capable audio devices and smart phones. In addition to Head unit control in the glove box, VISION Touch control at the dash, the the Supra Polk Stereo System offers the convenience of lounge remote control standard. You can also opt for full control at the transom.

VISION Touch w/ Rider Profiles & GPS Mapping
Harness Supra's powerful performance and refinement with ease thanks to the intuitive control of the VISION Touch dash system. With a tap of your finger on the brilliant 7-inch touch display, manage and monitor everything from Supra's Ride System (SRS) that integrates Liquid Lead hard-tank sub structural floor ballast, expandable Flex ballast, wake-shaping SmartPlate and Zero Off speed control. Watch full-screen video from a USB or mobile device. Illuminate the cockpit, storage and available underwater LEDs on the quick-touch lighting screen. Even set and recall the perfect driving conditions with Driver Presets. The Murphy operating system is specifically designed for Supra Boats to offer extreme functionality and ease of use. All it takes is a poke to navigate the VISION, but if you are more comfortable using the 10-button navigation located to the right and left of the screen that is always an option. Customize the look of your VISION Touch with a range of colors and backgrounds and pick the perfect brightness for any time of the day. FInally, at the end of an epic day on the water, let the built-in GPS navigation pilot you back to the dock. The VISION Touch lets you focus on having fun in your Supra boat instead of trying to figure out how to work it.

Driver Presets
While other manufacturers concentrate on accommodating only the rider with memorable features, Supra doesn't forget about the driver. Supra Driver Presets offer a host of programmable settings that make a day on the water behind the wheel as enjoyable as possible. Driver Presets have the ability to store as many as 3 boat driver profiles that memorize everything from seat height and VISION display colors to seat heat and available driver's zone climate control. Supra tailors the boating experience to you no matter what your role in the boat.

Zero Off GPS Cruise
Supra Zero Off integrated speed control is a vital piece of SRS and typically a pricey upgrade in competitor offerings, but standard in all Supra wake boats. Zero Off runs on satellite input and data from the Indmar Engine Management System. It is based completely on the speed across the surface of the water; therefore, there is no requirement for rider weight, crew weight, KX, PX or even any kind of wind adjustment. You simply touch the desired speed on the VISION and go.

Quick-bump Speed Stick
You don't need three hands to drive a Supra. The designers at Supra Boats spend a lot of time on the water. They realize you need a way to increase and decrease your speed without taking your hands off the wheel. Standard on all 2014 Supra boats, the Quick-bump Speed Stick allows you to toggle your Zero Off set speed up or down with just a finger tip. Without loosing grasp of the wheel with your right hand you can use a finger to push the lever up or down to adjust your cruising speed while you're under way.

Raise your performance wake boating standards to refined luxury with the Supra Boats SUPRASKIN interior protected by abrasion and stain resistant PERMAGUARD® by Spradling.

Transom Walkacross
As resilient as the our SUPRASKIN Vinyl is, conscientious boat owners are still conflicted about walking on it. This is why Supra has added the Transom Walkacross to all 2014 Supra model sun pads standard. This color-matched tooled fiberglass walkway gives you piece of mind on trips in a an out of the boat. Covered in cushioned no-slip SeaDek, the Transom Walkacross creates a functional, comfortable and safe place for interior access.

With more than a quarter mile of thread sewn into each Supra boat, this commonly overlooked component is quite literally what holds the interior together. This is why Supra chooses to go behind better with GORE® TENARA® Thread, Made by the producers of GORE-TEX®. This high-end marine thread will not stain from spills, dirt or even cleaning products. GORE® TENARA® Thread will not not mold, mildew or discolor from sun exposure. Even in areas of the boat other manufacturers skimp on, like thread, Supra takes the time to innovate and the opportunity to continue to elevate your wake boating experience.

Supra-branded SeaDek Non-skid
Durable and shock absorbent, SeaDek provides not only an exceptional traction surface, but also lessens the fatigue brought on by prolonged standing and working on hard decking and platforms. Supra offers specially branded SeaDek non-skid on the rear deck of 2014 wake boat models as well as covering for the swim step. SeaDek also protects your deck and swim step from scratching, chipping and dents..

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