Supra Worlds Domination

The extreme wakes of the Supra Boats @Supra_Boats SE550 launched competitors from 15 different countries to new heights at the 2014 Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships, especially Team Supra Boats. Supra Boats Factory Riders dominated the event with four World Championship titles in Boys, Jr Pro Men, Pro Women and Pro Wakeskate. Sam Brown, Cory Teunissen, Bec Gange and Reed Hansen represented themselves, their respective countries and Supra Boats with crowd-astonishing championship runs. But amazing performances behind the 2015 SE550 World Edition with the new 575 6.2L Roush Supercharged Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar spanned the entire competition thanks to flawless pulls by the official tow boat and the amazing conditions of Mills Pond in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The extreme performance of the SE550 shined on the diverse Worlds stage pulling the best out of amateur competitors all the way to the pros. Supra Boats demonstrated where passion intersects with precision at the 2014 World Championships; in the new SE550

The Indmar ROUSH charged Raptor 575 engine propelling the SE550 launched even some young riders into the air with back-to-back switch heelside and toeside frontside 720s. In the Boy’s division finals, Team Supra Boats Sam Brown @_Sam_Brown02_ of Australia took first place, Pedro Caldas of Brazil came in second, and Elliot Digney of Australia captured third. Sam may on the younger and smaller side of this division, but he has a big heart and even bigger airs behind the SE550. That is what won him the title. Supra proud of you Sammy! 

The Junior Pro Men’s finals of the WWA Wakeboard World Championships took full advantage the perfect weather conditions and ripped on the wakes of the SE550 powered by the Indmar ROUSH charged Raptor 575 engine. Six of the top 18-year-old and under riders gave it their all to propel them into the podium spots. Australian natives Cory Teunissen @CoryTeunissen, a Team Supra Boats rider, and Parker Siegele have battled for first place since day one of the competition. In the end, Teunissen started with a switch toeside 900 and capped it off with a switch mute mobe taking it all, and Siegele took second place, followed by Robby Holihan in third.  Local ripper Juan Mendez finished fourth. Thanks to this win Cory also took home the overall season award for Jr Pro King of Wake. 

Pro Wakeskate finals had athletes throwing down runs with a multitude of shove-it based tricks; where the rider leaves the board and then lands on it again. Team Supra Boats rider Reed Hansen @ReedHansen took first place, with Danny Hampson in second, and James Balzer in third. That makes seven World Championship Wakeskate Titles for Reed! There are no words to describe just how big of an accomplishment that is for a professional athlete. Supra Boats is so proud of “Supra7" Reed Hansen. 

Pro Women’s riding was out of this world with competitors giving it their all. Bec Gange @BecGange capped her run with a Melon Crowmobe, an almost under-herd-of trick in Pro Women, that had even the judges and boat driver going crazy. In the end, Team Supra Boats rider Bec Gange, Amber Wing and Raimi Merritt would take the podium in first, second and third places. This a much deserved win for one of the best women we know in the sport of wakeboarding. 

The Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships was the perfect competitive wakeboarding finale to the 2014 season. The high level of riding that went down behind the Supra Boat SE550 definitely has us excited to see more in the 2015 season. If you’re looking to take your riding to extremes, drop by your local Supra Boats dealer and take a test ride behind the 2015 SE550. Supra Boats, Where Passion Meets Precision. 

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